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A simple yet challenging logic puzzle game currently in beta but nearing release! All puzzles are currently procedurally generated and guaranteed to require no guessing to solve. The puzzles can be generated with between 2-5 colors, 5 different difficulty levels, and 7 different sizes. The puzzles are intended to be relaxing, so there is no time limit and no penalties for mistakes.

Played on a hex grid, you must complete two goals to solve the puzzles. The first goal is to find a path along the grid that connects two endpoints. However, as you make the path, the hex colors will cycle. The second goal is to get all hexes to the goal color. So you must find the path that results in all hexes reaching the goal color.

Color is a important part of the puzzle, but don't worry! There is a color blind mode you can enable in the settings which will add a unique pattern on hexes for each color if you need it.

About the beta

The core of the game, the puzzle generation and mechanics, are finished aside from any tweaking that may happen before full release. The current version only has the procedurally generated puzzles, but the final version will have a set of handmade puzzles to complete. Most of what's left aside from that is finalizing the art style, working on the sound design, adding music, and general polish.

Buying the beta will get you access to all beta versions, and the full game once it releases, including a steam key once the game is on Steam. The beta is also at a discounted price! The full version will be more than $6.99.


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HexaCycle Beta for Windows 352 MB
Version 0.27.1
HexaCycle Beta for Mac 353 MB
Version 0.27.1
HexaCycle Beta for Linux 355 MB
Version 0.27.1

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Another small QoL improvement I just though of... Once a hex has been settled (all paths around it marked true or false), if there is a manual "0" inside of it, it would be nice if it would disappear.  I always end up manually having to click several times on each hex to remove all the zeros, otherwise the whole thing becomes littered with them.

good point, I'm not sure id want to automatically remove them, but I can at the very least fade them out like I do with the outer path hints

(2 edits)

Or maybe make it an option?  If a hex is fully settled and the manual number inside it is 0, it's completely useless to keep seeing that 0.. Even faded out I'd still manually remove them I think.. OCD and all :P  Kind of in the same realm as when special hexes are fully settled, they stop showing up purple on other hexes when you right-click on them, since they don't contribute anymore

Edit: It's not a huge deal though.. Very minor QoL thing

I'm playing my millionth game right now (rounded up) on expert, and I thought of one feature that would be nice to have.

I never play by trial-and-error, I only click on paths when I'm sure of it, and I end up clicking the "Clear mistakes" button after every single path I click, to make sure I didn't miscount something, which is getting a bit annoying.

It would be nice to have some sort of option to automatically mark mistakes as they happen, like a small "X" on the path, or a different color or something.

That's a good idea, I can definitely add that as an option for people that prefer, I'll add it to the list.

Great!  Would also be nice with the same option (or another one) if the numbers we set inside the hexes were also shown as wrong, although I'm not sure how that would work since we have to cycle through the numbers.. Maybe mark it wrong after a delay of a couple seconds, or after another action happened?

Awesome game, I've played countless hours since getting it!

Super logic system, very good execution, overall an excellent game.

You call this a beta, but to me it's already perfect, good job!

Thanks so much! means a lot, glad you are enjoying the game <3